Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sniffles

Ok so today was my day off after working 6 days straight.  And it is the holiday season so you can imagine what kind of week I experienced.  So on my day off, I cleaned my entire house.  And I mean the whole shebang.  Even moved around furniture in Emily's room.  So forgive me for wanting my evening to be relaxing and fun with my family.  Needless to say it wasn't,
SEE Emily and I have been having this issue where she does not listen. And tonight was no exception.  The house looked perfect so all I asked was for her to not make a mess and put her clothes in the hamper and so on.  Does she do it?  NO!!! WE argue.  Bryan gets home and he is not feeling well at all.  So he unfortunately can not help me.  So Emily and I finally come to terms with what she is doing.  I make dinner for her and everything is fine.
You are probably wondering where the sniffles fit in.  Well, see in my 28 years, someone who has the sniffles and does not blow their nose drives me crazy.  It is a major pet peeve.  Emily has severe allergy problems and therefore she has the sniffles, And we are already struggling with the knowing how to blow your nose.  So I start to get really anxious and we argue again.  I give her allergy medicine and things seem to get better.  But then I give her a shower and here comes the SNIFFLES again.  It is driving me bonkers. So I try to get her to blow her nose and trying to be the patient person that I am, we sit in her room and try to blow her nose. But then she does not listen.  So I get upset.  All I want to do is watch the SING OFF. It premiered tonight.  So I have to walk away.  To the point I go into a 30 degree garage to cool down.  She comes back out and I am ok. I make some calming tea.  And everything is fine.  Well its time for bed and she starts again.  And mind you I know it is not her fault.  But it is a pet peeve to hear and I can't take it.  I got a little impatient and told her to blow her nose and do you know what she says to me.  "I am not doing anything until you leave my room"  I just walk away and started typing this blog.  I hope all you moms out there understand.  I mean we work, we take care of our homes, We are entitled to get upset over the sniffles Right?

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